My lyrics, No copyrighting ;) start a battle if you like.

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My lyrics, No copyrighting ;) start a battle if you like.

Post by liamhutton on Sun Apr 18, 2010 6:11 pm

Yo, Listen up

Casting fears on these playboy rappers on these mics, if im any better they are gunah shed a tear wishing never appeared, i spit one liners he stands there bewildered on why they just cheered, little did he know that he didnt realize i had an amazing flow just watch me go Gu Gu gumbo im fantastic on in the studio im fantastic on the streets as my best frend shlomo spits a sick beat taking any rapper on dropping um down to there knees it's so easy it's a breeze FREEZE im dropping of tree's like a leaf in autumn ya mum's wishing she aborted ya-son, im passing the mic gumbo im done. But im guessing i just fucking won.

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Re: My lyrics, No copyrighting ;) start a battle if you like.

Post by Admin on Thu May 06, 2010 3:09 am

No copywritting allowed lol

Alright rude boy you think your BIG
Ive intelled you think your big
Cos wen you talk your in some mood
Like super Ted but your too crude
Nuff of these men got shit to prove
All that arrogant shit just move

You think your big so you run up your mouth
Think your big then come to my house
Come to my door and you'll see
I dont care what anyone says i'm Me
I dont turn from BEN to nobody
its all the same and its nothing to me

But you change you go wild
How OLD ARE YOU, you act like a child
Chat bare shit and you act all dark
I bet that not how you talk to your mum
Rude boy allow the hype!
Chattin shit put down the mic

See in a few years your gonna put down the mic
Send for the rocks and pull out a pipe!
If i was you i'd sit down tonight
Read them bars you decided to right
WHAT check out the sweat on my neck
i'm the lord of the mic and the lord of the decks
I've gone wasted you from the bets
Ive been MC Produced and MIXED

NUFF FAM i'm comin for you!
So lets not make this an issue
cos really nobody would miss you
if your dad would have put you in a tissue

HAHHAHAHA Bring it !

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