Custom made Guns

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Custom made Guns

Post by Admin on Thu Jan 28, 2010 3:47 am

^^^above is from kim klass design

Llama .32 Cal
Fully engraved slide
Completely customized and accurized.
Rhodium Plated

Performance Center 44 Magnum Hunter Plus. The heaviest of all 44 magnums!

It's a Ruger BISLEY 44 Magnum. This pistol will shoot super hot loads that no other 44 Magnum can handle, including S&W Hunter Plus.

Ruger Vaquero 44 Mag. A favourite with texans (dont mess with texas)

A custom silver belt buckle to hold a 32 caliber derringer (one of the smallest pistols money can buy)

Sometimes new technology can be wonderful and other times it's downright scary.

Swiss gunsmith, SwissMiniGun has developed a tiny weapon, called the smallest working revolver by Guinness World Records, that's so small, it's banned in the United States. The Miniature Revolver is less than 2.2-inches long but has all the features of a real-sized gun, according to the company. And from short range, it can kill you.

Same tiny gun pictured with its 2.34mm rim fire rounds
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