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Post by Admin on Thu Jan 28, 2010 3:47 am

Custom made Guns Stupid_gun
Custom made Guns CompanionMa
^^^above is from kim klass design

Custom made Guns P8110008
Llama .32 Cal
Fully engraved slide
Completely customized and accurized.
Rhodium Plated

Custom made Guns 629HUNTER_PLUS
Performance Center 44 Magnum Hunter Plus. The heaviest of all 44 magnums!

Custom made Guns Rugerbisley
It's a Ruger BISLEY 44 Magnum. This pistol will shoot super hot loads that no other 44 Magnum can handle, including S&W Hunter Plus.

Custom made Guns 453d1222993741-smith-wesson-performance-center-44mag-6-weighted-barrel-competitor-vaquero-44mag
Ruger Vaquero 44 Mag. A favourite with texans (dont mess with texas)

Custom made Guns Gun1
A custom silver belt buckle to hold a 32 caliber derringer (one of the smallest pistols money can buy)

Custom made Guns 190980-500-360
Sometimes new technology can be wonderful and other times it's downright scary.

Swiss gunsmith, SwissMiniGun has developed a tiny weapon, called the smallest working revolver by Guinness World Records, that's so small, it's banned in the United States. The Miniature Revolver is less than 2.2-inches long but has all the features of a real-sized gun, according to the company. And from short range, it can kill you.
Custom made Guns 190981-500-365
Same tiny gun pictured with its 2.34mm rim fire rounds
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