A VERY clever scam!

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A VERY clever scam!

Post by Admin on Thu Jan 14, 2010 7:02 am

Ok so i've been watching a site called Swoopo for some time now and thought id share the following to save everyone being curious like me!

Before we start i havent given them a penny, however the temptation to do so is ridiculous

Swoopo is a telebid auction site

Basically you bid from anywhere by telephone or pc etc. On various items such as laptops ps3 xbox 360 etc

Now the clever bit, When you log on to swoopo you'll see items such as a brand new nintendo wii that just SOLD for £48.04 !!!! The strangest thing about this is ITS TRUE someone really just bought a WII for less than £50!!!!!!!

I know what your thinking lets get some bids and buy some shit now! NO NO NO

Each bid costs 50p with swoopo (cheap you say!) However the item will start for example at £0.04 thats right 4 fucking pence!

But if i then bid on that item it would only go up to £0.08
So my 50p bid actually only adds another 4p to the price i'd Pay if i won!
The downside is it adds another 10 seconds to the time of the auction delaying the finish!

Ive sat there for a few nights and watched what appears to be never ending auctions that nearly finished 5 hours before because people keep trying to outbid each other. Eventually the WORLD has to go to bed and someone who is gonna pull a sicky from work wins!

Now the maths bit! for the WII to get to £48.04 there had to be 1201 bids!!!!!!
Thats £600.05!!!!!!! and dont forget the winner still has to buy the WII for £48.04!!

So in total £648.54 Was just made for a WII!!! But it gets BETTER believe it or not!

Took me a while to realize (like 2 weeks) but swoopo have a german site a Usa site a Uk site and a spanish site. So 4 sites and thats right you can see where we are going with this THEY ALL HAVE THE SAME WII AND ONLY THE HIGHEST BIDDER FROM THE 4 SITES GETS IT. Of course the 4 sites run completely seperatly and all run up bids individually

So lets say they make £650 off all 4 sites + £50 for the final sale of the WII thats £2650!!!!!!!!

Easily a profit of over 1000% on the WII

Unbelievable stuff you say well thats still not it!

Ive noticed a few users who regularly win only thing is when i look at their bids they have gone CRAZY! like 750 bids to win something and pretty much ended up paying what they could have gone out and bought it in a shop. Bearing in mind who knows where the fuck the item from swoopo is if it can go to the uk germany usa or spain!

Theres 3 possible answers in my opinion

1. Person with mental illness and gambling addiction
2. Money laundering (pay cash for pay as you go vouchers)
3. Swoopo Employees or Swoopo itself

Well there it is boys one of the best i think ive ever seen
apparently been running 3 years as everything is so complicated its hard to say if its legal or not

My advice like me keep your money as they often say if it looks to good to be true..........
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