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Film Weapons Thbatknife

Bat Blade

This double bladed BAT can be used as a knife or throwing knife. Solid stainless construction with black coated handle.

Blade Steel 440 Stainless (57 RC)
Blade Length 4.0"
Length Overall 6.0"
Blade Thickness .19"
Weight 8.7oz

Film Weapons Hibwarbird

Hibben Griffyn 2000 Edition

The Griffyn®️, the year-2000 edition in the annual "Hibben Fantasy Knife Series," designed by Gil Hibben for United Cutlery, is the perfect fantasy knife for the new millennium. This stunning knife features four stainless steel blades, Damascus textured die cast metal handle, and iron-black finished, polished solid metal guard, subhilt, and pommel. The uniquely designed 11" stainless steel double blade (with false edged top) bears the precision laser marked Hibben®️ Knives trademark and signature.

Blade Steel 420 Stainless (57 RC)
Blade Length 11 "
Length Overall 15.4 "
Blade Thickness .16"
Weight 40 oz.
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