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Pistols and Handguns Derringer1

NAA 22 Cap & Ball Mini

From North American Arms and legendary gun designer Dick Casull comes the most innovative percussion revolver in years. The manufacturer, famous for building top-quality, diminutive rimfire handguns, now presents a true .22 caliber cap-and-ball offering. It is the world's smallest, full-functioning black-powder mini-revolver. Surgical-quality stainless steel is used throughout in both the Long Rifle and Magnum frame sizes. Both 5-Shot minis use standard #11 percussion caps for convenience and can be used with any North American Arms accessory. Unlike rimfire cartridge arms, these do not require a federal firearms license and can be shipped to adults in areas where local laws allow. Included are fifty 30-grain lead bullets, powder charge measure, bullet seater and a lockable gun case. Extra nipples and .22 caliber bullets are available from the manufacturer directly.

Model .22 Long Rifle Cap & Ball
Barrel Length .75"
Length Overall 4.25"
Weight 5.1 oz
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